Ċirkewwa Arch

Diver at Cirkewwa Arch at Cirkewwa Marine Park, Malta.

Ċirkewwa Arch is a beautiful natural underwater archway.  It is sometimes known or referred to as the Right Arch or Green Arch.  The Arch is actually a cavern whose roof has long since collapsed leaving the arch as a result. The Arch is 12 meters below the surface and 8 metres above the seabed. On the way to the Arch, there are also some nice caves/tunnels.

Entry to the sea for the Arch dive is from a large stride entry point (E2). When diving along the wall, the reef is a fairly shallow dive at around 18-20 m. Diving the Arch can also be combined with the Tugboat Rozi dive.  The reef continues well beyond the Arch around the depth of 15-20 and further on the seabed next to the reef/wall reaches depths over 40 meters. The wall offers many small caves and hangouts. This part of the reef is called Reef Beyond Rozi.