Project Baseline Ċirkewwa

Calling all Conservationists, welcome to the ‘Project Baseline Ċirkewwa’.  We’re really happy to see you here and look forward to having you participate in this citizen science campaign.  

The aim of this citizen science project is to “Mobilize citizen-divers to record changes in the world’s underwater environments and to engage with scientific, conservation, and government entities to advance the restoration and protection of our natural and cultural treasures.” 

Data will be used to analyse the ecological state of Ċirkewwa Marine Park.  For this campaign we are zooming in on three specific sites within the Ċirkewwa Marine Park, namely; 

  2. P29-GUN

How does it work?

It very simple, and can be explained in three steps; 

1) look at the template picture below, 

2) go for a dive and shoot a similar picture having the same view and angle, and 

3) send in your photo to [email protected]

Shipwrecks at Cirkewwa Marine Park, Malta.

Figure: The template photos for the two wrecks present in Cirkewwa.  

(A) Shows the gun on the P29.  

(B) Shows the bow of the Rożi.

The angles and distances should ideally be kept similar to the ones in the templates.

But what will you be contributing towards? 

You will be helping us gain important information about the state of the site.  For us to be able to monitor these changes, it is important to have a similar distance and frame to the template images, to be able to compare and collect valuable data.  Apart from the photo, feel free to share with us any other information such as visibility conditions, temperature and other detailed photos of the gun.  We would also love to hear which species you encountered while at the point of interest! 

We look forward to seeing your photos and images, whilst thanking you in advance for your contributions! 

Managers of Project Baseline Ċirkewwa :

  • Martina Cutajar (Nature Trust Malta)
  • Bartek Trzcinski
  • Francisca Isadora Abuter Grebe