Our Internship Opportunities

image of a Mediterranean moray eel by David Aguis

Are you passionate about the marine environment, and have an Advanced Open Water diving license? Are you keen to teach people about the beauty of the underwater environment? Are you motivated and self-drive?  We have internship opportunities that will tick these boxes. 

Our internship opportunities vary from Habitat Surveying by Diving, creating Educational Material, and Hosting Guided Snorkelling tours for groups amongst others. Download the Intern Information Pack and register now through this form for an internship with the Ċirkewwa Marine Park. 

image of the reefs in Ċirkewwa Marine Park by David Agius

An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.

Sir David Attenborough


 “As a fresh graduate, buzzing with excitement and anxious to get into the working world, I was fortunate enough to find Martina, the site manager at the park, who welcomed me with open arms. Through her, I secured a transformative diving internship. I spent an unforgettable summer immersed in learning: from new species insights to hands-on research. This journey encompassed enhancing the marine park’s safety for divers and advocating for its inhabitants. The team that I joined was patient, answering my myriad of questions as we worked together to conduct the underwater surveys.  Alongside passionate colleagues, I not only gained friends but also identified my career passions, strengths, and areas for growth. This internship has become a perfect stepping stone for me to further my career in Marine Conservation, moving from nothing but theory to finally diving into the real world. I will forever be immensely grateful to the entire team behind the Cirkewwa Marine Park.”


“I had the joy of joining Martina at Cirkewwa Marine Park for a summer diving internship in 2023, and the entire experience was truly enriching. With a background in entrepreneurship and a deep love for the oceans, I aspired to shift my career toward ocean conservation. This internship provided the perfect avenue for learning. Martina’s extensive knowledge of underwater species was remarkable, and she adeptly guided us in conducting independent research and habitat surveys. From immersive diving research to contributing to the marine park’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, I acquired invaluable knowledge. Every day was different and the whole experience was made better by the wonderful bond of our team. This internship was so much fun, full of learning, and great memories made with new lifelong friends.”


“My internship at Cirkewwa Marine Park with Nature Trust was absolutely amazing! I got to dive into habitat surveying and gain valuable hands-on experience. What made it even better was working with other interns who were just as passionate as me. If you’re a marine conservation enthusiast, I highly recommend interning at Cirkewwa Marine Park. It’s a fantastic opportunity to expand your skills and make a real difference!”

– Roslyn