Patrol Boat P29

Diver at P29 shipwreck at Cirkewwa Marine Park, Malta.

P29 was a former patrol boat for the Maritime Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta and was scuttled in 2007 to serve as a SCUBA diving attraction and artificial reef. P29 patrol boat lies about 200m offshore and approximately 150m away from Tugboat Rożi wreck. P29 wreck is 52m long, and sits upright at a depth of 34m with the highest part at only 12m deep from the surface. Many areas were left open for the experienced divers to explore and roam the wreck. It is highly recommended that only experienced and trained wreck divers get inside this wreck.

P29 wreck is accessible from shore with a special marker buoy indicating the position of the wreck between May and October. There are two landmarks on the way to make underwater navigation easier: first a memorial stone on the sand and then an old anchor in the seagrass area. The commemorative plaque is there in memory of British diver Frank Pembridge.