Rożi Tugboat


Rożi by David Agius

Rożi was a former tugboat operating in the Valletta Grand Harbour and was scuttled in 1992, with the purpose of serving as a SCUBA diving attraction and artificial reef.  Tugboat Rożi is easily accessible from shore, being approximately 150m away from the nearest shore entry point.  It is around 35m long and lies upright on a sandy bottom, with her mast starting at 20m and most of the wreck between 30m and 34m of water.  The wreck is still intact, except for its engine and the propeller which were removed before scuttling. Rożi offers an outstanding wreck dive with various entry points, and diving Rożi can be combined with a visit to the nearby Ċirkewwa Arch.  A special marker buoy indicates the position of the wreck between May and October.