Wrecks and Divers’ attractions

Ċirkewwa is one of the most visited scuba diving sites on the Maltese islands. It is located on the north west coast of Malta and benefits from such popularity due to the site catering to various diving skills in one area.  The site caters for easy shallow training at (Susie’s Pool) and the Madonna statue, more advanced training and diving at the two deep wrecks (Patrol Boat P29 and Tugboat Rożi) and two beautiful natural arches (Right/Green Arch and Left/White Arch), and wall reef with many swim through tunnels/caves for specialised cave divers. The wrecks P29 and Rożi were scuttled to serve as diving attractions and the maximum depth of these wrecks is 34-36 meters.  There are different entry and exit points catering for the different dives present in the area. 

The main attractions are: